Participation au concours Shabbyshabby Apartments co-organisé par Raumlabor & Arte creative qui se déroulera en septembre 2015 à Munich!

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Notre prochain projet sera exposé sur Les Berges de Seine à Paris
à partir d'avril 2015.

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The hotel room we have imagined is a product of mobile housing and spectacle. This ephemeral scene reminds us of big tops or transitory theatre decor. With the image of caravan in mind, we wished to create a warmly and luminous environment which could freely be moved around, opting to either a spectator or actor role. The other non negligible asset is that the entirety of the hotel room is produced in workshops.

The creation process is for us just as important as the final result; reason why our project fits in a box of 1m3 or so. Our installation procedure compounds 5 stages :

1. Workshop : Hotel room manufacturing
2. Ride : Tubheim on wheels! Let’s go for a trip across the city
3. Site : We think that Tubheim will easily find its place between the greenery and the dwellings of Neckar- promenade. Even though the construction could be seen as unpleasing, we rather find it attractive for its esthetics and its flexible utilization.
4. Assemble : Assembling the pre-manufactured elements from the workshop onto the site
5. Tubheim : Ready!

To land with this procedure, we had to create a simple and easily buildable structure, with minimum mate- rials for both transport and assemble facilitations. Ideal mountings and dimensions for an almost evident final product. The cylindrical form allows us to obtain a stable structure with a unique repeating element: the quadrant, enabling both a space gain for transport and a simplistic attribute during assembling.

We would like to take advantage of industrial waste linked to construction or transport, by recycling, for example, used shuttering panels from bricklaying industries for a quadrant’s frame. Or even used tarpau- lins roofers, truck trailers or agricultural sector; may the tarpaulins be transparent or opaque, both will be able to bond to the structure helped by hot welding system. With respect to the bed, a canvas hammock outstretched on metal bars will be put in place.

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